Review: Mitchell Leisen’s “Take a Letter, Darling,” Starring Rosalind Russell and...

“Take a Letter, Darling” is a nice return to form for director Mitchell Leisen, but still lacks the qualities present in his best films.

Review: S. Sylvan Simon’s “Grand Central Murder,” Starring Van Heflin

MGM has cast Van Heflin in another crime thriller, this time as a private eye trying to solve a murder in Grand Central Station.

Review: William Dieterle’s “Syncopation,” Starring Jackie Cooper

William Dieterle breathes life into a dull jazz story with energetic montages and music sequences in “Syncopation.”

Review: Victor Fleming’s “Tortilla Flat,” Starring Spencer Tracy

With its flimsy story and flat, obnoxious characters, “Tortilla Flat” showcases director Victor Fleming and star Spencer Tracy at their worst.

Review: John Huston’s “In This Our Life,” Starring Bette Davis and...

John Huston’s second film is a far cry from his smashing detective story “The Maltese Falcon”: this new picture is a woefully overacted melodrama.

Review: Frank Tuttle’s “This Gun For Hire,” Starring Alan Ladd and...

Paramount has a new star with Alan Ladd, and one of the best pictures of the year with “This Gun For Hire.”






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