Review: Alfred L. Werker’s “A-Haunting We Will Go,” Starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy

Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, and Elisha Cook Jr. in
Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, and Elisha Cook Jr. in "A-Haunting We Will Go"

A-Haunting We Will Go, the second film comedy duo Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy made at Fox, doesn’t showcase them at their best—but still has some good laughs throughout. The pair becomes mixed up with a gang of criminals (including Elisha Cook Jr.), gets swindled out of money by some con men, and ends up working for Dante the Magician (who plays himself). The criminal subplot is routine, and some scenes featuring Dante’s magic play as effects-heavy–filler material. But when Laurel and Hardy receive the right scenario (such as one involving magic telephone booths) or actor to play off of (Mantan Moreland is great in a brief appearance), A-Haunting We Will Go showcases some of the energy and inspiration present in their early work.

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