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“Bombs Over Burma”
“Bombs Over Burma”

Directed by Joseph H. Lewis, produced by Arthur Alexander and Alfred Stern, and written by Lewis and Milton Raison. Starring Anna May Wong, Nedrick Young, and Leslie Denison. Producers Releasing Corporation, 1942.

In Production: 03/30/42—Mid-April 1942
Released: 06/05/42

Cost: $25,000

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Rick Vallin and Anna May Wong in "Lady from Chungking"

Review: William Nigh’s “Lady from Chungking,” Starring Anna May Wong

Anna May Wong, dubbed "the best dressed woman in the world,” made the most of the few opportunities available to her as a Chinese-American...
Anna May Wong in "Bombs Over Burma"

Review: Joseph H. Lewis’s “Bombs Over Burma,” Starring Anna May Wong

A shoddy production from PRC and Joseph H. Lewis, “Bombs Over Burma” has little worth a recommendation, aside from star Anna May Wong.