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Publicity photo of Gene Tierney in 1941
Publicity photo of Gene Tierney in 1941

Gene Tierney was an actress who made her film debut in 1940. She signed with Fox, and at the studio her films included The Shanghai Gesture (at United Artists), Rings on Her Fingers, Thunder Birds: Soldiers of the Air, China Girl, Heaven Can Wait, and more.

Preston Foster and John Sutton in “Thunder Birds”

Review: William A. Wellman’s “Thunder Birds,” Starring Gene Tierney

Gorgeous Technicolor footage of airplanes isn’t enough to sustain this feature from director William A. Wellman and Fox.
Henry Fonda and Gene Tierney in "Rings on Her Fingers"

Review: Rouben Mamoulian’s “Rings on Her Fingers,” Starring Gene Tierney and Henry Fonda

Gene Tierney and Henry Fonda reunite in a comedy from Rouben Mamoulian that is suspiciously reminiscent of “The Lady Eve.”
Gene Tierney, Victor Mature, and Phyllis Brooks in "The Shanghai Gesture"

Review: Josef von Sternberg’s “The Shanghai Gesture,” Starring Gene Tierney and Victor Mature

Josef von Sternberg brings John Colton’s controversial play “The Shanghai Gesture” to the big screen in the first American production by producer Arnold Pressburger.