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"Gone with the Wind"
“Gone with the Wind”

Directed by Victor Fleming, produced by David O. Selznick, and written by Sidney Howard. Starring Vivien LeighClark Gable, Olivia de HavillandLeslie Howard, Thomas Mitchell, and Hattie McDanielSelznick International and MGM, 1939.

In Production: 12/10/38, 01/26/39—02/15/39, 03/02/39—07/01/39
Reshoots: July 1939—11/11/39
Released: 12/19/39 (New York)

Cost: Unknown
Domestic Earnings: $30,015,000
Foreign Earnings: $18,964,000
Total Earnings: $48,979,000
Total Profit: $16,222,000

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