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Directed by Mervyn LeRoy, produced by John W. Considine Jr., and written by John Lee Mahin and James Edward Grant. Starring Robert TaylorLana Turner and Van Heflin. MGM, 1942.

In Production: 09/02/41—10/28/41
Released: 01/17/42

Cost: $651,000
Domestic Earnings: $1,596,000
Foreign Earnings: $990,000
Total Earnings: $2,586,000
Total Profit: $1,110,000
Total Profit After Rerelease: $1,428,000

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Robert Taylor and Lana Turner in "Johnny Eager"

Review: Mervyn LeRoy’s “Johnny Eager,” Starring Robert Taylor and Lana Turner

Van Heflin shines in Mervyn LeRoy’s otherwise unremarkable gangster melodrama “Johnny Eager,” starring Robert Taylor and Lana Turner.