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Leslie Howard
Leslie Howard

Leslie Howard was an actor whose films included Pygmalion, Gone with the Wind, 49th Parallel, Spitfire, In Which We Serve (as narrator), and more. He also directed several of his films including Pygmalion, Spitfire, and more. He died in 1943 when his plane was shot down.

Bernard Miles and John Mills in "In Which We Serve"

Review: Noël Coward and David Lean’s “In Which We Serve,” Starring Noël Coward

The first film by playwright Noël Coward follows the crew of the HMS Torrin, who reflect back on their lives after their ship is sunk by German bombers.
Leslie Howard and Eric Portman in "49th Parallel"

Review: Michael Powell’s “49th Parallel,” Starring Leslie Howard and Laurence Olivier

Michael Powell’s exciting new war thriller “49th Parallel” (also known as “The Invaders”) follows Nazi spies on the border of Canada and America.