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Directed by Wesley Ruggles, produced by Pandro S. Berman, and written by Marguerite Roberts and Walter Reisch. Starring Clark Gable and Lana Turner. MGM, 1942.

In Production: 01/15/42—01/19/42, hiatus after death of Gable’s wife Carole Lombard, resumes 02/23/42—05/06/42
Released: 08/27/42 (New York)

Cost: $1,060,000
Domestic Earnings: $2,885,000
Foreign Earnings: $1,129,000
Total Earnings: $4,014,000
Total Profit: $1,749,000

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Robert Sterling, Lana Turner, and Clark Gable in "Somewhere I'll Find You"

Review: Wesley Ruggles’ “Somewhere I’ll Find You,” Starring Clark Gable and Lana Turner

Clark Gable and Lana Turner fall in love in Wesley Ruggles’ war drama “Somewhere I’ll Find You.”
Carole Lombard in Vigil of the Night

Carole Lombard, Star of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and Wife of Clark Gable, Dies...

Carole Lombard, the star of “My Man Godfrey,” “Twentieth Century,” and “To Be or Not to Be,” died in a plane crash alongside 21 other passengers on the night of Friday, January 16.