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Directed and produced by William Dieterle, and written by Philip Yordan and Frank Cavett. Starring Adolphe Menjou, Jackie Cooper, Bonita Granville, Todd Duncan, Frank Jenks, and Jessica Grayson. RKO, 1942.

In Production: 10/13/41—12/05/41
Reshoots: Additional scenes on December 11 and 17, 1941, and jam session filmed on February 23, 1942
Released: 05/22/42

Cost: $567,000
Domestic Earnings: $565,000
Foreign Earnings: $190,000
Total Earnings: $755,000
Total Profit: -$87,000

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Bonita Granville and Jackie Cooper in "Syncopation"

Review: William Dieterle’s “Syncopation,” Starring Jackie Cooper

William Dieterle breathes life into a dull jazz story with energetic montages and music sequences in “Syncopation.”