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"The Spoilers"
“The Spoilers”

Directed by Ray Enright, produced by Frank Lloyd, and written by Lawrence Hazard and Tom Reed. Starring Marlene Dietrich, Randolph Scott, John Wayne, Margaret Lindsay, Harry Carey, and Samuel S. Hinds. Universal, 1942.

In Production: 01/12/42—Late February 1942
Released: 05/08/42

Cost: $723,455
Total Earnings: $2,060,000

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John Wayne, Marlene Dietrich, and Randolph Scott in "Pittsburgh"

Review: Lewis Seiler’s “Pittsburgh,” Starring John Wayne

The stars of “The Spoilers” are back together for a new film at Universal from director Lewis Seiler.
Edgar Kennedy, Harry Shannon, and John Wayne in "In Old California"

Review: William McGann’s “In Old California,” Starring John Wayne

All that makes this new Western from Republic stand out is the presence of John Wayne—the rest of the film is as perfunctory as they come.
Randolph Scott, Marlene Dietrich, and John Wayne in "The Spoilers"

Review: Ray Enright’s “The Spoilers,” Starring Marlene Dietrich and John Wayne

A wildly entertaining fourth adaptation of Rex Beach’s novel “The Spoilers” delivers plenty of action, and a great ensemble cast.