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"The Tuttles of Tahiti"
“The Tuttles of Tahiti”

Directed by Charles Vidor, produced by Sol Lesser, and written by Lewis Meltzer and Robert Carson. Starring Charles Laughton, Jon Hall, Peggy Drake, Curt Bois, Florence Bates, Adeline De Walt Reynolds, and Victor Francen. RKO, 1942.

In Production: 11/07/41—Late January 1942, shut down and resumed in February 1942
Released: 05/01/42

Cost: $847,000
Domestic Earnings: $612,000
Foreign Earnings: $355,000
Total Earnings: $967,000
Total Profit: -$170,000

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Charles Laughton and Jon Hall in “The Tuttles of Tahiti”

Review: Charles Vidor’s “The Tuttles of Tahiti,” Starring Charles Laughton

Based on a 1939 serial from The Saturday Evening Post, Charles Vidor’s The Tuttles of Tahiti is an thoroughly uninspired comedy made all the...