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Van Heflin in "Johnny Eager"
Van Heflin in “Johnny Eager”

Van Heflin was an actor at MGM whose films included Johnny Eager (for which he won an Academy Award), Kid Glove KillerGrand Central Murder, and more.

Tom Conway, Van Heflin, and Cecilia Parker in "Grand Central Murder"

Review: S. Sylvan Simon’s “Grand Central Murder,” Starring Van Heflin

MGM has cast Van Heflin in another crime thriller, this time as a private eye trying to solve a murder in Grand Central Station.
Van Heflin and Marsha Hunt in "Kid Glove Killer"

Review: Fred Zinnemann’s “Kid Glove Killer,” Starring Van Heflin

MGM ups Van Heflin to leading-man status for the solid B thriller “Kid Glove Killer,” director Fred Zinnemann’s debut feature.
Robert Taylor and Lana Turner in "Johnny Eager"

Review: Mervyn LeRoy’s “Johnny Eager,” Starring Robert Taylor and Lana Turner

Van Heflin shines in Mervyn LeRoy’s otherwise unremarkable gangster melodrama “Johnny Eager,” starring Robert Taylor and Lana Turner.